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My Advertising Pays Review - Is My Advertising Pays a Fraud?

First of all I would like to make it clear that I belong to My Advertising Pays and this is a testimonial of my personal experience of it.
So on with the My Advertising Pays review. - My Advertising Pays

What is My Advertising Pays?

My Advertising Pays is an online Advertising firm based in the US began by a guy called Micheal Deese, Michael introduced the company in December 2013 to give ordinary people the opportunity to make money from the internet as well as offering an online marketing solution. The company provide an advert website traffic exchange and also guarenteed website prospects, pop unders and banner marketing.

Is My Advertising Pays a Fraud.

In my point of view certainly not, for a beginning it has a final product which is advertisng, a ponzi plan has none. I won't enter the functions of a ponzi system but you can look it up on google.

My Advertising Pays is just returning a portion of the earnings to it's participants.
There is certainly a a great deal of company possibilities being marketed as you would certainly anticipate but you can additionally discover other markets, up until now I have viewed a renowned automobile failure support service on the website traffic exchange and a number of wellness products.
Will this firm still be here in 18 months or 24 months? Well I wish so and I believe it will but there are no guarentees in any business, I believe Michael Deese has actually created a business version which is advancing and will broaden into other areas. If this occurs then of course I do believe the business will be here throughout however once again nothing is 100 % guarenteed.

Exactly how do Folks Generate income?

First of all you could join My Advertising Pays for cost-free and you recieve a 30 day trial at the highest degree.
The following action is to buy what is called credit history packs which permits you to promote your various other businesses, associate web links etc on the website traffic exchange. Credit history stuffs cost $49 each and in each credit report pack you recieve 550 advertisement credit ratings (made use of to reveal your adverts on the visitor traffic exchange) and 10 boosters (enhancers alow your adverts to be shown for 30 seconds as opposed to 10 seconds).
For each credit report pack you acquire you will have recieved the amount of $60 in return once the credit history pack expires, this is in the kind of a revenue share. Just like Clixsense yet it's profit share rather than pay to click.
The additional credit history packs you have the even more revenue you recieve and obviously the much more you can promote leading to sales, sign-ups etc from whatever you are promoting.

You can additionally decide to refer other people to My Advertising Pays and earn approximately 10 % on any type of products they purchase from the company. - My Advertising Pays

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